Max Xtra – audio playlist

KENNISTOETS Creative Coding

In this module you will be tested on Max/MSP and Arduino. Please download the PDF Proeftoets and practice what a real test will be like.

DOWNLOAD the PDF for the Proftoets HERE: Les4-Proeftoets_CreativeCoding
This test is very close to what the final test will look like.

Max/MSP: New Objects

  1. playlist~

    playlist~ lets you organize sets of soundfiles and play them back.
    Drag a new Object on max and type in playlist~. This will give you a visual representation where you can drag-drop sound files.

  2. Look for two or more mp3’s or other soundfiles on your computer and drag them into the Max patch on the new playlist~ object you made.

    It should look like this:

  3. ezdac~

    ezdac~ is an audio on/off button. You can get it either by writing ‘ezdac~’ on an object box. You can also find it by clicking the + icon on the top of the patcher window, click ‘audio’ tab, and then click a speaker icon.

    Connect the first outlet of the playlist to the left inlet of ezdac~ and the second outlet to the right inlet of ezdac~ which corresponds to the left and right channels.

    Also the message boxes on top correspond to the sound in the playlist. NOTE: you need to click on the speakers when locked to turn on the sound.


Max has an audio library built in: click the music note icon on the left side of your patcher window. There you find a list of sound files organized by time. You can drag these onto the patcher.

  1. send and receive

    With the send and receive objects it is possible to send any kind of message without using patch cords. You need to give each object a name, the same name, like a variable name that it can send to and receive from. Make a patch like below and try to send and receive a number and a message.

  2. subpatcher ‘p’

    In an object box, write ‘p‘ and give it a name after a space (i.e. ‘subPatch’), then you will see that a new window opens. This is a subpatch: it is a patch inside your patch. In here you can write code that you would like to separate or hide from the rest of the code.

  3. subpatcher : inlet & outlet

    You can create inlet and outlet in the subpatch: inside the subpatch drag those inlet/outlet icons in + menu on top, then you can see that there are now an inlet and an outlet in the subpatch where you can make a connection with other objects.

Opdracht – replace video playlist

Based on this lessons patch, replace the sound playlist~ from this lesson and try and incorporate a jit.playlist. Instead of an ezdac~ you will use a jit.pwindow. You should then have a player that loops through all videos in the playlist.

Just like playlist~ there is a video library in Max, find it in the left side of your patcher: