Week 4 – Max Objects / jit.playlist

New Objects


jit.playlist is used to organize sets of video files and play them back. Use a integer number to trigger a wanted vidio file.

The playback notifications are now via the second outlet. Use print to check the start/done message.

In order to play audio files instead of video, please have a look at ‘playlist~’ object from the Max Xtra lesson.


jit.pwindow displays movie files.


route tries to match a message’s first artument to the route object’s own arguments. Try to make a test patch like below and see what result comes out.

Now also try to make a test patch like below. The dollar($) sign with a number let the number pass to it.

jit.playlist & route

Now we are adding route to the playback notifications of jit.playlist, in order to seperate reactions for start and done.

Opdracht A – LED on/off 1

Switch on a LED when movie 1 starts, and switch off the LED when movie 1 stops. Use jit.playlist & route.

Opdracht B – LED on/off 2

When movie 1 is done playing and the LED is off, then automatically start movie2 and switch on a second LED. Then of course, the LED is off when the movie 2 is done playing.