TBS – Audio Week Opdracht

Choose your theme

There are two themes to choose from:

The Files

If you havent already, please download the following STEMS folder:

You will also need the Sound Sheets:

The Assignment

Produce a narrative experience in the form of a 1-minute audio story.

You will create a convincing scenario where you will apply basic storytelling rules. without music or narration. We should understand that there is an initial character, there is a conflict and there is a resolution. The goal is to make believable characters, an intereting conflict and some sort of ending that resolves that conflict.

The Deliverables

PDF with Audio breakdown sheets
Screenshot of Reaper Project
2 Bounced audio files, 1 min long (1 wav 1 mp3)

How to Deliver

you compress your files into a zip with:

Last Name_First Name_audioweekopdracht.zip

You will put this in a folder in Teams linked here: Time Based Storytelling / Skill-Audio / Files / Audio Week Opdracht DELIVERY
NOTE: You have to be logged into Avans to deliver


Deadline is Friday May 13 @ 23:59, 2022