Reaper 1 – Introduction

REAPER is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Mac, Windows and Linux.

It is a very customizable program and it offers a professional environment for all kinds of Audio needs. Reaper is ideal for: Sound Design, Film audio, Music recording, Editing and Mastering.

Please donwload the program from this link:
Reaper Download Page

LICENSE : Reaper is free to evaluate as long as you want.

Starting a New Project – IMPORTANT

The following steps are VERY important in order to keep your projects organized and cause less problems for you down the line. We want to make sure that your audio files will be copied into the session directory that you are using, keeping each project contained and easier to colaborate with others.

  1. Make a new project if its not made automatically. When you start Reaper it opens your last session by default, if no session exists it will make a new, unsaved session.

  2. Click save

    When you get the Save Dialogue window make sure you click these settings!

  3. Go to Media Settings from the Top Menu

    In Windows you can find the Media Settings here:

  4. Add these Settings:
    — Type in “Audio Files” in the Path to save Media space.
    On import select “Copy Media to project path””
    Audio format select “WAV”
    — Click on Save as Default Project Settings

  5. If done correctly all your audio files will now be stored in a folder next to your project. This will keep all your projects organized and make it less possible to lose important audio files.