Reaper 4 – Exporting

Finally, when your work is done you want to export (or Render, or Bounce) a final mixdown of you audio to share with collaborators or the public.

  1. Click File/Render…

  2. You will get the Render Dialogue window with many options.

    These are a good set of default settings for rendering this project:
    Bounds : What section of the mix do you want to Render.
    Directory : If you put a Folder Name here it will save exports there.
    File name : Name your export.
    Sample rate : 44100 is the most common.
    Format : WAV is the most common.
    WAV bit depth : 24bit is standard high quality
    Render 1 file : Render your new audio bounce.

  3. You will notice a new folder called Bounces in your project folder and in it you will find your rendered file. This is your final version of your Mix.

NOTE: you can also render other file types at your own risk, these types can be AIFF, MP3, FLAC, MP4, etc. You can not go wrong with WAV.

Further Tutorials Online (optional)

If you want to learn more about Reaper I strongly suggest the ReaperMania tutorials on YouTube by Kenny Gioia:
Reaper YouTube Tutorials

NOTE: you can always speed up the playback in youTube if you feel the narrator is too slow (just sain’)