Max Les 4B-Max with Arduino Module

New Object : The Message Box

We will use this opportunity to explain an important new object, the message box.
In essence the message box lets you put in any text or number that is static. It is very useful for triggering static messages that need to go into a specific object. In todays case we are going to use it to control the Servo Motor.

  1. Drag 3 message boxes onto the Patcher from the top-side of the patcher, type in 0, 79 and 180 in each.

  1. Connect all 3 into pin9

  2. Click the Servo button.

Now when you lock the patcher and click on the message boxes, your servo should move Back, Forward and Stop.

NOTE: Not all servos stop at 79, you might need to find the correct number that stops your own Servo.

Opdracht 4B

  • Find a way to trigger the Servo turning when video 1 is playing and stop when the video stops.
  • Do the same for Switch button 2 and Video 2.
  • Make sure stopping the video stops the servo.