Creative Coding – Max Tips

Tutorials – Controlling Video with max

Go to Help menu and then Reference. On the top left of the window, press ‘docs‘ and then find Documentations for Jitter and What is a matrix.

At the bottom of Jitter Tutorials page, there is a link to Video and graphics programming tutorials. There you will see a link to Display a Video and Live Capture. Have a good read on those pages in order to understand what you will study in Les 5.

Extra study for a message

You can send several messages using one message box, but then use a comma to seperate the message. Try to make the patch below and see what comes out.

The Max package Manager

If necessary, you can install some extra packages in Max such as
– Computer Vision
– VR (HTC Vive & Occulus
– 3D spatial audio
– Max for the Visual Arts
– MachineLearning
– GestureLearning
– Web compatibility
– Node.JS